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Straw Color Options Guide

Regular Diameter Straws are available in Crystal Clear, Smoke Grey, Pink Champagne, Lavender, Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Emerald, Surfside Teal, Mellow Yellow, Honey Amber, Periwinkle Blue (opaque), Quartz (opaque), Ivory (opaque), Jade (opaque), Obsidian (opaque).

Bone Straws are available in all of the above colors with the addition of Bone White (opaque).

Smoothie Straws and are available in Crystal Clear, Smoke Grey, Pink Champagne, Lavender, Royal Blue, Emerald, Mellow Yellow, Honey Amber, Ruby Red, Periwinkle Blue (opaque), Quartz (opaque), Ivory (opaque), Jade (opaque), Obsidian (opaque), Bone White (opaque), Pink Bubblegum (opaque), and Green Slyme (opaque). See color key below.

Rise above one time use plastic and disposable utensils.

You already use glassware and flatware, the next logical step for your home, business, and the environment is quality sipware.

Surfside Sips offers durable, sustainable supplies that last. Our glass straws are easily cleaned in commercial and standard dishwashers, or just by soaking them in cleanser and can be reused countless times. 

Available in a wide range of colors and handcrafted from borosilicate glass, our kid-friendly and tipsy-patron-friendly straws are made of high impact borosilicate glass. Unlike ordinary glass, they are highly resistant to thermal shock and breakage. With rounded edges and absolutely no flavor distortion, refined palates prefer Surfside Sips glass sipware. 

All Surfside Sips are made to order.

Each straw is individual and can be made completly to your liking. Have a customization in mind? Just ask! 

My name is Andrew and I love to talk straws. Feel free to email or call me with any questions or concerns.


Wanna sell Surfside Sips at your retail location?

Contact us about wholesale pricing. Let us help your business make an impact without breaking the bank. We can even print your logo on the straws for a customized look. 

Each month we choose a different charity to donate 5% of our profit to, so not only do you get to feel like an eco warrior by helping rid the planet of single use plastics, but you get the added bonus of knowing you are helping to support your fellow humans too.

For the month of September we will be giving to the Alzheimer's Association. Please consider making a direct donation as well.

Thank You!

For supporting our family run business. We appreciate your help in reducing single use plastics. Every step counts.

We want to make a change. Reducing single use straws may not seem like a huge step but when it comes to saving the oceans it's the least we can do!

We pride ourselves on using minimal packaging to ship our goods and always use paper based packaging to ensure our products don't contribute to the massive amounts of plastics being used everyday.